Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence Prevention

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In compliance with New York State law and CUNY policy, special training programs are provided to help address and prevent acts of violence within the University.  Under the Workplace Violence Prevention Program, campus teams charged with addressing issues of violence at the colleges and at Central Office locations receive training that instructs them in their responsibilities under CUNY's workplace violence prevention policy, and that identifies resources to assist them in executing their responsibilities.  An online training program also assists campus trainers in instructing their employees in the University’s policy and in specific campus hazards and prevention procedures.  Domestic Violence Prevention training is available for campus domestic violence liaisons through the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV).

Workplace Violence prevention

The City University of New York has a long-standing commitment to promoting a safe and secure academic and work environment.  All members of the University community are expected to maintain a working and learning environment free from violence, threats of harassment, intimidation, or coercion.  Specific courses offered as part of the CUNY Professional Development Program (CPDP) have been selected to equip members of the University with skills for preventing incidents of workplace violence.   Courses are conducted at the Central Office and at several CUNY colleges.

CUNY campuses also are engaged in assessing prevention needs and providing information and training in workplace violence prevention.  Interested employees should contact their campus WVAT Coordinator (WVAT = Workplace Violence Advisory Team) for information about workplace violence prevention activities on their campuses.

A copy of CUNY's Workplace Violence Policy and Procedures is available at the following site:

workplace violence prevention training administrators

Campus Workplace Violence Prevention Training Administrators are responsible for communicating information on CUNY's WVP Policy & Procedures to all campus employees charged with college workplace violence prevention responsibilities.  The current Workplace Violence Prevention Training Administrators are:

Baruch College
Borough of Manhattan CC
Bronx CC
Brooklyn College
Central Office
City College
College of Staten Island
Graduate School/School Prof Stud/School Pub Health/Grad Sch Jrnlsm/Macaulay Honors College
Guttman CC
Hostos CC

Hunter College
John Jay College
Kingsborough CC
LaGuardia CC
Law School
Lehman College
Medgar Evers College
NYC College of Technology
Queens College
Queensborough CC
York College


Monique Brown George/Raquel De Leon
Robert E. Daiz/Maria Deckinger
Grisselle Nadal-Arroyo
Patrick Croff/Jennifer DePalma
Sonia Pearson
John Siderakis/Tamara Smalling
Hope Berte/Toni Gill
Ella Kiselyuk/Yvonne Noriega

Anastasia Koutsidis
Shirley Shevach/Keisha Pottinger-Moore/Gissette Forte
John Rose/Galia Galansky
Lorraine Belasco
Micheline Driscoll/Tyrone Forte
Cheryl Still
Elizabeth Johnston/Steve Katz
Ezequiel Pagan/Arthur McHugh
Heather Grant
Angela Marshall-Jackie
Mary Aboki
Glenna Lash
Olga Dais/Geraldine Powell

domestic violence IN the workplace

The City University of New York disapproves of violence against women, men, or children in any form.  Domestic violence can spill over into the workplace, compromising the safety of both victims and co-workers.  CUNY is committed to full compliance with all applicable laws governing domestic violence in the workplace.  

New York State requires employees designated as Domestic Violence Liaisons to complete a one-day Domestic Violence and the Workplace "orientation" course conducted by The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV).  Campus domestic violence prevention training liaisons also are required to complete the half-day OPDV train-the-trainer course entitled, Program Implementation: Tools and Techniques for Trainers.

A copy of CUNY's Domestic Violence and the Workplace Policy is available at: 

Registration for campus liaisons and trainers

Registration for courses presented by the OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office (PDLM) requires completion of the PDLM E-Application (“E-App”).  Completed E-Apps should be received in the Professional Development Office at least 10 days before the start of a course.  The Professional Development Office generally confirms an applicant's registration for a course five to seven days before the start of the course.  The E-App is available under the REGISTRATION link on the PDLM web site at or click here.    

Information on courses conducted by The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) is available at: